Roundabouts Complete Tutorial on Roundabouts

The complete set of Rules governing open Roundabouts are reflected on the page;

 Critical knowledge for your practical driving test.

Critical knowledge that you need for your practical driving test. It is extremely important to study this video in detail as it covers everything you need for the practical driving test. Not only that it gives you an introduction to the different types of roundabouts so that you can easily negotiate them.

Topics that are covered in this video about roundabouts;

  • open roundabouts,
  • closed roundabouts,
  • mini roundabouts,
  • spiral roundabouts,
  • how to view signalling for effective roundabout use,
  • how to prepare when approaching a roundabout when you are driving,
  • what are the proper signalling and observation procedures that need to be followed in a roundabout before exiting,

This video does not only teach you the principles of how to use normal priorities on a roundabout but it also examines how to use shielding and when shielding is the primary priority on a roundabout.