Pass your Theory Test with confidence! 

Passing your theory has never been this easy!

We know, you have heard that before! Except we really mean it. Because WE GET IT!

You study and study and study, and then you fail OR you don’t understand what it is they want from you, right?

With our one to one theory tuition, we promise that everything will become more clear. The best part is, you can do it all from the comfort of your own home! One-on-one Theory tuition from your own home? (that’s a bargain!)

Using Skype or Team Viewer, you can have your coffee while we talk you through your problem areas.

You will be registered on our artificial intelligence program – Theory Test Pro, where you will have access to limitless mock tests – which in return will indicate to us what needs to be focused on to ensure that you pass.

And it doesn’t stop there…You will also have a test booked in advance to work toward. How is that for motivation?

You might ask how that is possible. We have special access to the DSA’s dropped out tests, around the clock, that’s how.

You can sign up for theory tuition here; One-on-one Theory Tuition  

Just need your theory test booked? That’s okay too, we will do it for you. Just drop us an email at with your;

  • -Name
  • -number
  • -provisional driver number
  • -date of birth and
  • -address

We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you get that frustrating theory test out of the way – to bring you closer to gaining your licence and DRIVING!

Don’t let the theory test cause you any more frustration! 

Book a Tutor
To book your session with a tutor, please >>contact us<< at our main office and our friendly staff will assist you in booking in a time and date that suits you!