Tyre Protector – Tyroseal – the permanent puncture proof tyre sealant.

Tyre Protector is an amazing permanent puncture proof tyre sealant that can be used in all types of vehicles. Developed some 20 years ago and used internationally in many countries this tyre sealant has proven its value over and over in some of the most arduous terrains in the world.

Watch this short video which demonstrates the effectiveness of Tyre Protector (Tyroseal)

Tyroseal is the future for puncture proofing your tyres or doing an instant roadside repair.  Over the years the Tyre Protector brand has been proven and demonstrated around the world. YouTube videos which prove that Tyre Protector (Tyroseal) really works and is extremely effective and offers many and diverse solutions for both

Tyre Protector (Tyroseal) can be used when you have just had a puncture to seal the tyre and get you on your way. Alternatively, Tyroseal from Tyre Protector can be used as a permanent tyre sealant puncture proofing your tyre for inadvertent penetrations of up to 6 mm.

Tyroseal can puncture proof your mountain bike tyres and act as a permanent tyre sealant. No more worries about having to fix that pesky leaking tube to be able to get home.

Tyroseal – permanent tyre sealant 

Tyroseal is a permanent tyre sealant which has been actively used for 20 years. This amazing environmentally friendly stable tyre sealant can be injected into the tyre and left there waiting for an opportunity to seal the tyre. When used in off-road vehicles, mining equipment, bicycles and any form of inflated tyre or tube it has no detrimental effects. Tyroseal during its distribution has been used repetitively by major industrial and commercial vehicles over long periods of time and been extremely effective in preventing unnecessary and unwanted punctures. It is a cost-efficient and simple way to insulate and keep vehicle tyres safe from the rigours in their daily usage.

Tyroseal offers peace of mind and an extremely economic solution as a preventative measure against punctures. This tyre sealant (Tyroseal) is available to be ordered for specific applications, and the management of Tyre protector will consult and assist to ensure that the most optimum use of the product is instituted in the vehicles tyres of the consulting company.