Video Tutorials

Learn these skills and make passing your driving Test quick and easy.
Practical tutorials that explain in detail how to do the manoeuvres and various other aspects of driving that are essential skills required to PASS your driving test. This series of video tutorials are guaranteed to assist you in preparing for your practical driving test.

Why Mirrors? Advanced usage and setup of your mirrors.

(Don't get caught out by dangerous door handles?)

Get rid of those dangerous door handles. Set your mirrors up correctly.

You do not know how many Directional Signals there are on your indicator stalk!

Take a guess and then watch this video;


Peep and Creep (The principal of Peep and Creep can be widely used but is not very often understood.)

 A full explanation of the Peep and Creep procedure:

Turning Right Procedures and Priorities

Turning Right of a Major road onto a Minor road. :

How to check if your wheels are straight (while you are in the car - typically used during a manoeuvre)

Checking if your wheels are straight:

What is the difference between driving forward and driving backwards and how to steer when reversing? ( The technical aspects of how and why steering affects the car when you are reversing in comparison to driving forward.)

Learning how to reverse;

Pedestrian crossings

Various pedestrian crossings and how to deal with them;

Turn in the Road ( 3 point turn)

How to do the three-point turn;

Left reverse on the corner, reversing into a side road to turn the car around. (No longer required in the driving test but a useful skill)

Drive forward pull up on the left just past the junction and then reverse into the road ahead 3 to 4 car lengths;

Reverse Bay Park manoeuvre.

How to do the reverse Bay Park manoeuvre;

Turning right from a major road. Various aspects of road positioning to be able to turn right from the major road into a minor road.

Turning right, how to obtain the correct road position;

Parallel Park with The Toyota Yaris using the reversing camera for points of reference.

Parallel Park;

This tutorial on Roundabouts is a must.

Roundabouts, Complete Tutorial covering Roundabouts, Mini, Open and Closed Roundabouts.

How to deal with Roundabouts:

Moving Off and Stopping, pulling up on the left. Automatic car.

Moving off and Stopping. :

Show me Tell me Questions - Car Controls

In-car controls:

Quick review on Mini Roundabouts - Shielding

Mini-roundabouts, a quick review on how priority is affected by shielding;

Show me how you would check your indicators are working? 

(Indicators question - driving test.)

Short Video on "Show me how to check the indicators are working?":

Signalling and Roundabouts.

Simple review about signalling on Roundabouts: