Bespoke VIP Fast-track Driving Courses


The bespoke driving course designed and adapted quickly and easily for your unique highly demanding circumstances. Our VIP driving course is for those wanting the smoothest, most convenient and personally tailored driving course to get their license while being flexible around their very busy lifestyle. Our VIP clients all have unique requirements and we do our absolute best to ensure an excellent standard of instruction, meeting their specific requirements. This is truly a bespoke intensive driving course.

Why the VIP course could be for you:

If any of the services below fit into your requirements, then this course might be just right for you:

– Get your license in as little as 7-10 days (dependent on your speed of learning and previous experience.)
– Use your own car.
– Evaluation lesson to assess your level of driving skill for us to estimated the course length.
– Convenient pickup and drop off from any London location.
– Personal client manager assigned to assist/direct you at any time/stage of your course.
– Flexible schedule booked around you and your work lifestyle.
– All tests (theory and practical) booked and confirmed, doing our best to ensure to book your preferred test dates as far as possible. (Test fees not included in this service)

What will it cost?:

The fees for the manual driving course is per day (3hrs) and per day (5hrs) which will include: one to one tuition for your DSA theory and Hazard perception tests.
Fees for manual and automatic courses differ, automatic course s are slightly more expensive, but you will be fully informed of the various charges.

How to book:

For more information or to book yourself in for a VIP course, please make sure to get in touch with us on any of the available contact numbers below or send us an email.

We have specifically allocated VIP client managers for the bespoke intensive driving course. Just ask for a VIP manager when you call or contact our office.