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Why is a Client Manager so Important?

Talk about a managed intensive driving course, designed in accordance with the requirements, skill set, deadlines and location of the that should be the goal of any aspiring driver.

With CarCaptain this is made easy! All you have to do is make the call.

If you are still wondering why you need a client manager, just keep on reading;

  • Get a consult on the appropriate course for YOU and your specific requirements
  • Your Client Manager will have the necessary special access to the DVSA's booking services
  • They will manage your DVSA bookings on you and your instructor's behalf
  • Your Client Manager will filter through our instructor database and be sure to allocate the best possible instructor for your course, based on your preference, location and other requirements.
  • Select and find the closest driving test centre areas to service the student's requirements
  • They will liaise with the instructor on your behalf
  • Your client manager will deal with any complaints and difficulties that you might experience
  • Your client manager will reallocate you to another instructor if necessary
  • Additionally, your client manager will provide you with necessary course material and facilities you may not be aware of (ask if you are struggling - we have 16 years of intensive driving courses and booking service history and experience - 20 thousand students and 470 instructors)

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