WINNER of our Free Intensive Driving Course smashing it!

The winner of our Free Intensive Driving Course is Actress and Internet Sensation Amber Doig-Thorne!
She is currently learning away and getting closer to obtaining her license with every lesson that goes by. We would have you know that she is also not afraid to face the roads of London in the rain. A bit of rain seemed alarming at first, but she shook it off in no time and proceeded with her lessons none the less.

It also just so happens to be her birthday today AND the premiere of her new movie THE SEVEN!


You can also win a FREE Intensive Driving Course with Carcaptain £1000 and the good news? - if you entered the competition the first time around you automatically qualify for the prize this time around!

So what are you waiting for? Enter NOW!

FREE – Intensive Driving Course – Christmas 2019

Lesson Financing

Yes, that's right! Drive now, pay later.
We know the going gets tough sometimes, and that great quality instruction isn't always within reach financially. Well, now it is!

How does it work?

You can simply apply for a payment plan that suits your pocket best. Object-orientated intensive courses really are the most effective way of learning how to drive and definitely worth the investment and we would like to help you achieve that your goal by making the financial burden a little bit lighter.

Visit our website or call us TODAY to Apply and start driving! As easy as that!

Intensive Driving Course and Lessons Financing

Carcaptain's Youtube Channel

Did you know we have a Youtube Channel? This week we shared a video on our Facebook page about roundabouts that you can find here;

You can actually learn a few things about driving even before you have gotten in a car, just by visiting our Youtube Channel.