FREE - Intensive Driving Course plus £1,000.00 or £2,000.00

To participate in our FREE Intensive Driving Course plus £1000,00 or claim the £2,000 instead just register below and participate.

For a quick and simple engagement from you, you can receive £2000 in CASH or a FREE intensive course + £1000 (which you can keep for yourself or gift to one of your friends or family members).

Who qualifies for participation in this competition;

  • Past Students can win £2,000.00 (Two Thousand Pounds) (have passed their driving test already)
  • Current Students can add this £2,000.00 allowance to their current course or status when they pass their driving test the balance will be paid out in cash.
  • All students who join before the draw date (29 April 2020) qualify and are automatically entered into the competition.
  • Prospective students will win a £1,200.00 complete intensive driving course plus £1,000.00. The FREE - Intensive Driving Courses which can be taken anywhere within the M25 circular road around London. (T&C's)(Please also read the primary terms and conditions as depicted below)

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Completely FREE intensive driving course includes;

  • our comprehensive and complete theory course material (AI -theory course material)
  • 2 hours of our standard one-on-one theory tuition and evaluation
  • free theory course booking
  • one DVSA Theory test
  • up to 33 hours of manual or automatic intensive driving course lessons (your choice)
  • Fast Track driving test booking
  • one DVSA driving test booking

This is our standard full intensive driving course and it is everything you need to get from having a provisional licence to getting your full driving licence in a manual or automatic car.

How to register to be eligible to qualify for this prize;

  • register by entering your details below: { Quick and Simple Sign Up }
  • we will send you your own unique identifier (link) which will track electronically how you are promoting this course amongst your social circles
  • promote Carcaptain amongst your friends and social media links. Carcaptain will provide you with material and suggestions on how to do this.
  • simply point your Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and or any other social media to our competition page.
  • the top 5 participants with the highest number of links will automatically be in the finals for the winning prize.
  • We are offering at least one prize winner - which will be published. - BUT depending on the performance of the promotions received we will make additional similar opportunities for those who reach the threshold of promotion. Multiple prize winners are expected. (You can monitor your progress on our internal app)
  • Please read the terms and conditions pertaining to this promotion here: Terms and conditions that apply.

As a "Thank You" for trusting us with your driving journey at some point or another, We'd like to return the favour by giving you an opportunity, with the resources you already have, to engage your friends and family to help you get a FREE intensive course plus £1000 or £2000 CASH!

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Participation Terms and Conditions (Chrismas Countdown 2019 Competition);

  • This competition is for our past students, our current students, and any students who wish to attain their driving licence in the future. Please read the further terms and conditions and eligibility below.
  • If you are a previous student and have passed your driving test, and you win the competition, you will be awarded £1000 cash if you win the competition. If you are a current student you will be assisted to the extent of the full prize value to help you pass your driving test. However, if you do not use the winning elements of the competition you can elect to take £1000 cash should you win the competition.
  • These terms and conditions take precedence over our standard terms and conditions should they be in conflict with our standard terms and conditions. Otherwise, our standard terms and conditions will apply. Please read our standard terms and conditions here;
  • The winner will need to do his course within the M25 around London. Generally, the driving course and tests will be conducted within a radius of 20 miles of Central London. This covers all the driving Test centers within the M25.
  • Although every effort will be made to collect the recipient from their home, provided they live within the area mentioned above, it may be necessary to travel by public transport (at your own cost) to the nearest test center or instructor who is available to do the course.
  • This course only caters for 1 theory test and 1 practical driving test booking.
  • The winner or recipient will allow the company to publish his/her photographs and such promotional materials and coverage as required by Carcaptain Ltd.
  • At least one full course, which will include 33 hours of driving lessons and both a theory test and driving test will be offered as a singular prize. However past students and current students can also enter the competition.
  • Carcaptain does not share information with any 3rd parties.
  • * These are required fields for you to be eligible for this prize draw.
  • * The primary email address that has been provided, is the email address that will be entered in the draw, only one person at the email address provided as the primary email address will be eligible for the draw.
  • *By filling in this form you confirm that you have permission to provide us with the email addresses of your friends. You confirm that they have consented that we can send them promotional material which they can unsubscribe from.
  • if you no longer wish to participate in the competition please let us know in writing.
  • Carcaptain reserves its rights as to who can participate in the competition. If the competitor has any doubts as to their right to participate or wishes clarification as to whether they can participate or not please contact Yolanda at Carcaptain head office. When the participant application is rejected they will be notified.

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