Week 37 – News of The Week

We have a WINNER The winner of our Free Intensive Driving Course is currently still on holiday, so we will show you her big smile as soon as she is back! Do not despair, there is another Free Intensive Driving Course OR £1000 up for grabs –

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This is my new post 23/08/2019 Carcaptain is working.

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Intensive Driving Course and Lessons Financing

Intensive Driving Lessons Finance (Drive now Pay ~ Later) Carcaptain intensive driving lessons financial help option. Drive Now Pay Later Intensive Driving Courses. If you do not currently have the financial means to pay for your driving lessons (you can sign up to pay later for your

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Renault Zoe 2019

Review of the 2019 Renault Zoe While attending the 2019 Driving Instructor Show in Kent (19 May 2019) this year I came across the Zoe Renault Zoe that was being offered for a 1 week test drive. The Zoe is Renaults all singing and dancing Electric car

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